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To serve the uncared and the disadvantaged


Reach out to the uncared, disadvantaged and abused children and women through multiple, but distinct & strategic programs to enable them lead a dignified life in the states of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry

Target People

Uncared, disadvantaged and abused children and women

Core Values

Love, Care, Sharing, Transparency, Accountability, Collaboration, Integrity, Solidarity, Courage, Justice, Democracy.

Best Practices

  • Local Communities are involved at all the stages of Program Cycle Management. IHM-SSS considers the respective communities as the genuine partners in bringing about positive and quality changes in the lives of the marginalized.
  • IHM-SSS raises funds from multiple sources. Funds raised for specific programs are spent for the causes, for which they were raised for.
  • IHM-SSS respects and promotes diversity, gender equity, inclusiveness and non-discrimination in all its activities.
  • IHM-SSS publishes its annual reports both program and finance once a year. It reaches to all its stakeholders.
  • IHM-SSS has a governing body which guides, advises and supports its activities to achieve its objectives.
  • IHM-SSS respects the rights and wishes of donors. It compliance with donor requirements without fail.
  • IHM-SSS respects sexual integrity in all its programs and activities, and prohibits gender harassment, sexual exploitation and discrimination.
  • IHMSSS has exclusive ‘Child Policy’ which ensures that no harm (physical, sexual or mental) is done to children in its activities.
  • IHM-SSS promotes gender equality and equity based on its ‘Gender Policy’.